Come & Try Salsa Class 4:30pm Sunday 15th March 2020 in Annerley, Brisbane


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This is your opportunity get an amazing deal on a great experience. Only $10 for a fun 60-minute Come’n’Try Salsa class with the director of the school, a previous So You Think You Can Dance choreographer.

Only space for 20 ladies and 20 men. Please note that our courses and come’n’try classes typically sell-out.

You do not need a partner nor any previous dance experience. Our students are of all ages from 15 to 70 with the majority being between 20 and 40 years of age.

Learning how to dance the basics of Salsa, the most popular Latin dance style in the world, can transform your life. Not only will you make new friends but you’ll discover a fun, friendly, healthy lifestyle. You might even meet someone special or deepen your connection with your significant other. If you like travel, learning Latin dance is amazing for opening up opportunities to meet people worldwide.

We teach in a comfortable, air-conditioned studio in Annerley. Everyone is welcome. No prior dance experience needed – perfect for total, absolute, complete beginners. No partner needed (we rotate partners during class). Plenty of parking and access to public transport. Friendly staff and volunteers. Take the plunge today, drag along a friend or two and do something different!

You’ll need to wear comfortable clothes: t-shirt, jeans and sneakers for the guys; t-shirt, shorts/jeans/tights/skirt and comfortable shoes for the ladies.

Bring a water bottle if you have one handy. We do also have a cooled water dispenser.

Bring your friends (optional).

Bring your pre-purchased ticket (no sales at the door, sorry). Limited space available.

We’ll kick off at 4:30pm so please try to arrive around 4:15pm to check-in. The studio is called “Dance Culture” and can be found at 474 Ipswich Road, Annerley. When you arrive, please relax and make some new friends until you are invited to start the class.

If you love the class, you can continue on with our 4-week Introduction to Latin Dancing course starting the following Sunday at the same time and place. If you discover that it’s not your thing, that’s ok, too! There’s no pressure and everyone starts with “two left feet” so there’s no need to be nervous.

See you soon!


“It’s fun and social and you meet lots of nice friendly people. Instructors make you feel welcome and comfortable as soon as it starts.” — Russell Moffat

“Try something new, a skill you can take with you for life.” — Paul Reavley

“Energetic! Fun!” — Tess M.

“This is so much fun and worth a try.” — Aislinn Kennedy

“Great fun and a great opportunity to meet new people of all ages.” — Angel Dang

“Awesome intro to Salsa for beginners.” — Brian Thaker

“I didn’t hurt myself or anyone else.” — Nicole Keane

“I had a great time meeting new people.” — Nikhil Ranjan

“It was a fun class and I learned quite a lot in a short time.” — Salveigh

“Give it a go. You have nothing to lose. Great atmosphere and welcoming instructors.” — Yang Chen

“Try it! You won’t regret it!” — Joshua

“Excellent, fun.” — Julie Phonethipsvad

“Instructors are encouraging, friendly and articulate. So much fun! Great social atmosphere.” — Sam Van de Wakker

“[The instructors] are amazing. [They] are so energetic which makes this experience worthwhile.” — Yash

“Professional, simple and classy.” — Pasindu

“Very nice teachers, getting everyone involved really well. Had a good time and definitely recommend others to try.” — Pratik

“Easy to learn steps. Great teachers. Amazing atmosphere.” — Tom Perkins

“Fun, informative, simple, easy to follow instructions.” — Sally

“Great atmosphere and amazing instructors!” — Yui

“The class was excellent.” — Hamish

“It was a fun and relaxed class. The steps were broken down into small, manageable chunks.” — Leanda

“This class is full of good energy and you leave with a big smile.” – Delcio

“Was heaps of fun and a great way to meet new people in the area.”

“Surprisingly a lot more fun than anticipated.” — Joshua

“Amazing intro to Salsa. Great for the first timer.” — Andrew J

“It was just amazing! I met so many new people and learned some smooth moves along the way.” — Yashoda R

“It was an absolute blast! You have to try it!” — Kim Boike

“Fantastic atmosphere which encourages everyone to have a go and enjoy whatever happens.” — Sophie S

“Was lots of fun. Will recommend.”

“Such nice instructors, a friendly atmosphere and a lot of fun.” — June

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