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Here are answers to some common questions about Dance Culture, its classes and how it all works:

Our popular 4-week introduction courses are perfect for you. We start with walking! We also usually have a handful of volunteers in the room who can give you some help if you get stuck.

You do not need to bring a partner. During class we frequently “rotate” partners so that you will end up dancing with a range of people. This means that, from a social perspective, you will meet a bunch of cool people and, from a learning perspective, you will avoid developing bad habits (which often happens when couples only dance with each other).

If you haven’t yet any experience in Salsa or Latin dancing, please enrol in one of the upcoming Introduction courses. If you do already have experience, please contact James to discuss.

This is a difficult question to answer. We generally recommend all students start with Introduction to Latin Dancing where they will learn proper technique as well as our vocabulary and our school culture.

For those who just need to brush up on technique, we are usually happy for you to attend both Introduction to Latin Dancing and White Belt level classes. If you let us know that you have experience we can quickly, easily and cost-effectively test you during your first White Belt level class and place you in a more appropriate level the following class.

Entry into Orange Belt or higher requires explicit permission as every student in those classes has earned their way by satisfactorily completing the respective syllabi. A private lesson may be booked to accelerate your entry into the higher levels.

Dance Culture is the first to bring the Black Belt Salsa(tm) syllabus to Australia. Authored by world-famous Edie the Salsa FREAK, the Black Belt Salsa(tm) system of instruction is based on Edie’s 20+ years in the Latin dancing industry and the 60 instructional DVDs to her name.

Dance Culture’s founder, James Quinn-Hawtin, is the author of the Black Belt Zouk(tm) syllabus, which is based on the Salsa structure. This syllabus guides students through the fundamentals of Brazilian Zouk, all the way to advanced moves and concepts.

If you do not yet have any Latin dancing experience, the Introduction to Latin Dancing course provides both a “taste test” and grounding in the fundamentals of the three most popular Latin dance styles: Salsa, Bachata and Brazilian Zouk. This is, in effect, an opportunity to “come and try” what we offer.

That said, we do offer a “$10 Come’n’Try Salsa” class from time to time, which then leads into the Introduction to Latin Dancing course and then onward for those who decide to continue learning.

If you have existing experience in Latin dancing, you are welcome to come and try any White Belt level class for $10 on arrival. We have found this to be the easiest, quickest and most cost-effective way to test new-comers and then place them in the appropriate level the following week. Please do contact James before your first class to let him know to expect you.

Yes, there is plenty of parking within easy walking distance. Sometimes you will be lucky and get a park right outside the front door but please make sure you check the street signs as Ipswich Road is a clearway during peak hours.

Sorry, the timetable lists all our classes. However, private lessons may be booked at a time and day that suits you for only $90/hour.

Yes! Depending on availability, you can book a private lesson with one instructor for only $90/hour at our studio in Woolloongabba or Coopers Plains. Please contact us to enquire.

All Dance Culture students are members. Membership enrolment is online via this website. You can pause or cancel any time. There are no lock-in contracts nor setup fees. To enrol please visit the home page and choose Introduction to Latin Dancing if you are a total beginner or one of the membership options if you have completed the Introduction course or equivalent.

Our partnered Salsa, Bachata and Zouk weekly classes found on our Timetable page are covered by membership. Fixed-length short courses are not covered by membership. Our 4-week Introduction to Latin Dancing is the starting point for the vast majority of our students and you can re-do this course for free.

You are welcome to come casually (membership entitles you to this) but we do not accept casual payments. All Dance Culture students are members and pay their membership fees via this website. You can pause or cancel any time. There are no lock-in contracts nor setup fees. To enrol please visit the home page and select Introduction to Latin Dancing if you are a total beginner or one of the membership options if you have completed the Introduction course or equivalent.

Absolutely. Please contact us with your request and we will process it within one week.

Yes, you can. If you are going away for an extended period (e.g. holiday) and want to pause your membership, you can contact us with your request. Before you do, please remember that your very low membership fee has been calculated over a 52-week year with occasional breaks already considered and that, if you are attending only two classes per week, you are effectively paying half price. Most of our students therefore choose to allow their membership to run without any pauses, even if they go away. This financial stability is appreciated and means that the Dance Culture membership can remain very affordable. Please note that memberships cannot be paused retrospectively.

Yes, you can. But why would you want to leave us? We’re so lovely.

To cancel your membership please contact us. Requests are processed within 1 week. We’ll be sad to see you go.

Short Course Cancellation:
If you sign up to a short course you can cancel with a full refund 48 hours or more before the start of the course. Thereafter your enrolment is non-refundable but may be transferred to someone else or to a later course, where available.

Short Course Satisfaction Guarantee:
If you are unhappy with the first class of a short course then you can cancel your enrolment and ask for a full refund as long as the request is received within 48 hours of the first class.

Membership (Automatically Billed Weekly):
If you are a member, you can pause or cancel your weekly billing any time you like. Please take into account a processing time of up to 1 week.

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